Free Money Spells

Free money Spells from African Witch doctors

How valuable are these money spells? How effective are easy money spells? Seems that the Internet is offering all sorts of spells for free – and one has to wonder about the intentions of the witchdoctors that offer free spells.

Apart from the fact that spell casting is a craft as practised by experienced witches or traditional healers – a craft that takes years, sometimes a life time to learn, why would any healer or sangoma give you a free spell? If witchcraft was so easy then we would not have such a large number people seeking psychics and fortune tellers. An easy money spell has got to be the largest myth on the Internet – silly little spells like these do no good to the reputation of witchcraft in Africa – and it is not only Africans offering free magic, it seems like every type of sorcery, voodoo and magic has the free offerings.

What is most worrying about free money spells, and any other kind of free magic, is the damage an untrained wizard can do. Dabbling in magic has got to be the most foolhardy pastime after Russian roulette. A little knowledge in the case of the occult is very dangerous knowledge – silly websites offering easy money spells for wealth and free love spells, should be aware of the harm that can befall both the spell caster and the receiver – unknown consequences are difficult to reverse – even by a powerful witchdoctor. Witchcraft is a lifetimes work and should only be practised by trained witches and wizards. No matter how desperately you want to cast an easy wealth spell, you should leave it to a master of witchcraft. African money spells, as cast and prepared by a sangoma in South Africa, requires care and time. Witchcraft in Africa is just as powerful as witchcraft anywhere in the world – in fact it has been said it is the oldest and most powerful type of sorcery.


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  1. Richmond says:

    How to get the spell

  2. lin says:

    i cast my own spells and i like to try new ones as well could you please send me the 2 free money spells thank you very much!

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